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Art & Illustration ~
The enjoyment at Wellsand's Place goes beyond the Christmas Season into the studio. It is a gift to be able to view God's beauty in creation all year long. Follow the link below to view some samples of oil paintings created from reflections of life in the country. You may also purchase Fine Art Prints, Posters, & Greeting Cards ~ Inquiries are welcome. LynWellsand.com


White Pine ~ This graceful, blue-green tree has long needles. Due to its soft foliage it is a nice tree for families with young children. The light fragrance is desirable for allergen prone persons. A very full beautiful tree.




Scotch Pine ~ Still the number one Christmas Tree in many areas of the country; straight stem, deep green, sometimes bluish color and good needle retention made this tree popular to this day.



Canaan Fir ~ The Canaan fir is a newer variety that is becoming a very popular choice as a Christmas tree. Canaan fir has a firm branch with soft short needles. It has characteristics similar to Balsam for a wonderful fragrance and Fraser fir for excellent needle retention.



Balsam ~ This tree is one of America's most popular Christmas trees. It has a dark-green appearance, and beautiful pyramidal form with short, flat, long-lasting, aromatic needles. It also retains its pleasing fragrance.



Blue Spruce ~ This high quality, slow growing tree has beautiful blue foliage that is fragrant, with very good needle retention. The needles are sharp with stiff branches to hold heavier ornaments.



Concolor ~ One of the most beautiful conifers in the world, which also bears the common name white fir, This tree has 2-3" long needles and can range from silvery blue to silvery green with good needle retention and excellent fragrance.



3 miles east of hwy 421 on 500 South (1 road north of hwy 10) 7020 West 500 South • North Judson, Indiana

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